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Residential Properties


We offer a wide variety of apartments to suit almost any need. However, we require all of our tenants to meet some basic requirements, including:

  • Good rental history
  • Personal references
  • Work references
  • Security deposit
  • First and last month's rent

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Download Rental Application (click here)
Please return the completed application to our office in person or via fax at (802) 773-6227.

NOTICE: Please do not fill out a rental application unless you have a specific vacant property you are interested in.
Due to the very large volume of requests we get, we are unable to hold your application until a property becomes
available. We must have a current application filed at the time you indicate your interest in a specific property. If
you have not contacted us to inquire about a specific property, your application will not be reviewed and will be
disposed of. Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter.

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