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Key Personnel

At Giancola Construction, we are proud to have some of the most experienced and friendly staff in the area. Below is a listing of some of our key people.

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     Joseph A. Giancola, President and Founder

60 years construction experience
36 years as president
36 years residential / commercial real estate experience

     John D. Allard, Vice President  

Associates Degree in Applied Science
Major: Architecture and Building Engineering Technology

20 years construction experience
18 years construction management
13 years as vice president
17 years building design experience

     Peter W. Giancola, P.E., Vice President  

Bachelor's Degree in Science
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

7 years consulting engineering experience
12 years construction experience
5 years construction management

     Earl E. Laviana III, Designer / Project Manager  

Associates Degree in Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Science
bachelor's Degree in Architecture
Major: Architecture

6 years consulting engineering experience
11 years construction experience
5 years construction management