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Available Commercial Spaces

Click here for more information and to view listings.

Various commercial vacancies we have available around Rutland. Please e-mail or contact us
to see any of these spaces or obtain more information!


162 North Main St. - Unit #2 & #3

Formerly known as: Good Stuff

Nice large storefront on North Main Street!
$ 1,450.00 plus utilities!!

56 Strongs Avenue, #1

Formerly known as: Tattoo Shop

1,000 square feet. Right on the corner!
$ 875.00 plus utilities!! Must provide own electricity and heat! Come and see me!!

97 State Street

Formerly known as: Burnham Hollow Bakery

Nice location in Downtown Rutland!
$ 650.00 plus utilities! Nice space! Existing Tenant is now out!!

162 North Main St. - Unit #10

Formerly known as: Pasqually's

Nice sub shop! Have to pay extra for the interior items. Place is nice and clean!!
$ 850.00 plus utilities

3-Bay Garage, West Rutland

Formerly known as: A 3-bay garage!!

Three nice whole bays. Located in West Rutland, Vermont
$ 600.00 plus utilities!!

96 Cleveland Avenue - Trucking Terminal

Formerly known as: Yellow Freight

3,000 square feet plus freestanding offices. Four loading dock doors. Great for a trucking terminal! The docks are filled to different heights to create flush-height doors and 2' height doors. We have 9' by 10' overhead door and a 12' by 14' overhead door installed. Contact us to see the wonderful space today!!
$ 2,250 - Negotiable. Call 802-773-6251 to see this excellent space!!

These are spaces currently available at the Howe Center, 1 Scale Avenue in Rutland, Vermont. CAF denotes "Common Area Fees" which are billed quarterly. CAFs pay for operation and maintenance of the common areas at Howe Center. Most rent amounts do not include heat or electricity. Heat to all spaces is provided by propane-fired heating units fed from our central bulk LP gas system. Gas meters are read monthly and billed directly to the tenant. More information about Howe Center can be found here

Please e-mail or contact us at any time to obtain more information about becoming part of the Howe Center!!


#2 - South

Formerly known as: Former Woodstock Cookie

2,496 square feet Nicely finished space
$ 1,400.00 + CAF

#2 - Cold Storage Unit

Formerly known as: Mohawk Beverage

640 sq. ft. - 20'x32'
$ 450.00 + CAF - Includes Lights

#3 - 1st Floor - #118

Formerly known as: Scizzors & Co.

529 square feet. Nice existing hair salon! Has setups for three sinks. In existing building. Can put out exterior sign too!
$ 450.00 + CAF Includes utilities!

#3 - 2nd Floor - #208

Formerly known as: Larger Adjacent Room w/skylight!

243 sq. ft.
$ 325.00 + CAF

#3 - 2nd Floor - Office Suite

Formerly known as: University of Vermont

2,166 sq. feet. leased with heat!
$ 2,850.00 + CAF Includes heat!!

#3 - 3rd Floor - #308

Formerly known as: Johnathan Parie

Nice 405 sq. ft. space
$ 585.00 + CAF

#5 - 1st Floor

Formerly known as: Canine Two Five Dog Care

3,030 sq. ft. Fully brand new interior. Brand new windows (all aluminum replacements). All new interior finishes. This place is just right for your new business to get started or for your operating business to grow. Please contact us today to arrange a showing of this excellent property!!
$ 1,650.00 + CAF

#5 - 3rd Floor

Formerly known as: VACANT - Never Leased - You can be the first!!

3,030 sq. ft. - This space is unfinished and can be built to suit the tenant's needs. All utilities need to be run to this space. However, it has breathtaking views of the Rutland region surrounding Howe Center and would make an excellent loft or office area for a small design studio. You have to see this space to appreciate it!
Negotiable, based on construction requirements

#6A - Vestibule

Formerly known as: Commercial Building Services

958 square feet. Retail, Offices. Has a deep sink and common bath in entrance hallway.
$ 785.00 + CAF

#10 - 2nd Floor

Formerly known as: Skate Park

7,700 square feet, includes new baths
$ 1,500.00 + CAF. Negotiable based on work needed to occupy!

#10 - 3rd Floor

Formerly known as: VACANT - Never Leased

7,700 sq. ft. Wide open and unfinished. This space is accessible from grade via two new stair towers. Also, this space will be accessible via a new elevator to be installed. Because this space is on the 3rd floor, the views from the windows are stunning. The opportunities to grow your business in the large space are numerous and we guarantee that the price will be right!
$ 850.00 + CAF. Negotiable based on work needed to occupy.

#14 - Room #117

Formerly known as: Glen Harder

Nice 2-room office - 208 sq. ft.
$ 300.00 w/H&L + CAF

#14 - 2nd Floor Offices - #203

Formerly known as: Ron Gerber, NY Life

250 sq. ft. on 2nd floor
$ 385.00 w/H&L + CAF

#18 - 1st Floor

Formerly known as: Back On Track Phs. Therapy

2,325 sq. feet
$ 2,000 w/H&L + CAF Existing Tenant will be out April 1st, 2017

#18 - 1st Floor, #103 & #104

Formerly known as: O'Raine & Son Painters

697 square feet
$650.00 w/H&L + CAF Included is heat and electricity

#18 - 2nd Floor #204

Formerly known as: Wellness for Life

314 Sq. Ft. Must see this space!!
2 Rooms $ 420.00 w/H&L + CAF

#18 - 2nd Floor

Formerly known as: Hummingbird Associates

2,097 square feet
Suite of offices! $2,450.00 + CAF

#18 - 3rd Floor, #302

Formerly known as: Ruby Renewables

288 sq. feet
$485.00 + CAF Not Available until March 1st, 2017

#25 - Self Storage Building

Formerly known as: New!!!

Here are the sizes and prices: 6' x 10' (60 sq. ft.) $65.00/month 10' x 10' (100 sq. ft.) $85.00/month 10' x 15' (150 sq. ft.) $110.00/month 10' x 20' (200 sq. ft.) $150.00/month Need security deposit and rent at time of lease.
Please e-mail or contact us to find out more. We would be glad to show you a space to relocate your storage space into! Hurry! They won't last long!!

#25A - Exterior Storage Area

Formerly known as: Kraft's Frozen Pizza

One Large Truck Parking Space with 3 phase electric connection for truck.
$ 125.00

56 HOWE STREET - Patch Place
This is the former Patch Wegner Manufacturing plant. After Patch's closed down, the property was owned by the Rutland Industrial Development Corp. (now known as the Rutland Economic Development Corp) for a time as an industrial incubator. Next the property was owned by the Clorox Corp which operated a plastic bag manufacturer called Himolene on site. We purchased the property in 2004 and immediately began renovations. This property is now home to a variety of new businesses. The old office building which was abandoned has had a $1,000,000 make-over completed - turning what was once a dilapidated shell into new, Class-A office space. All warehouse spaces below are 50' wide, are fully sprinklered and have high ceilings. 3-phase power is also available to the entire site. More information is also located here

Please e-mail or contact us to find out more. We would be glad to show you space to relocate your business here!


Building "A" - Unit Numbers 101 & 102

Formerly known as: Kelley Services

Nice one room space with exterior windows! 660 square feet! Can be re-adapted to multiple offices.
$ 1,065.00

Building "B" - Large Warehouse Storage Building

Formerly known as: Omya Inc. - Storage

+/- 11,040 square feet. 2 Loading Docks Office & Bath; Sprinkler; Fire Alarm; 480V Power.
$4.50/SF or $5,000 monthly plus water, sewer and heat - Call us at 802-773-6251 to see this impressive space!!

Bldg "B" Basement Heated Vehicle Storage Space

Formerly known as: Vehicle Storage

Space for one vehicle. This is a secure space with excellent temperature and humidity control. Just the right space to store your vehicle out of the elements for the winter!
$65 per vehicle per month

Bldg "C-2" Middle Portion of Building

Formerly known as: Storage, Misc.

6,000 square feet with 12'wx13'h Overhead Door. Heated space with bathroom and 20' high ceilings. Building is 50' wide with no interior columns. 200-amp, 3-phase power available to space.
$3,600 per month + H&L

Bldg "C-3" South Section of Building

Formerly known as: Webiomass

5,000 sq. feet w/ 10'hx12'w OH door
$4,000 plus heat and lights, internet C-3 is 50' Wide and has a high ceiling Electricity is 3 Phase 100-ampere rating

Bldg. "D", 2nd Floor

Formerly known as: Never Been Occupied

4,000 sq ft.
To Be Determined